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As I have mentioned on my previous blog post, I’m currently clearing my photo gallery. Aside from the opening of Happy Skin, another event that I wasn’t able to share with you on the blog is the collaboration I had with TIGI Bed Head. Last May 2017, educators for TIGI Asia namely, Mr. Ralf Boss and Mr. Andy Cheong visited Cebu for the annual TIGI Collection Workshop. The workshop is a look and learn session which tackles on new trends in cut, colour and hairstyling for the year. TIGI Bead

While I was clearing my photo gallery, I realized that I wasn’t able to blog about Happy Skin Boutique in Cebu. With that, I decided to do a blog post featuring my favorite Happy Skin products instead! Well, it’s better late than never! 

I’m always keen when it comes to choosing beauty products. I’d rather take into consideration the brand and reviews I hear and read online, than the product’s slogan or what’s stated on the packaging. It takes a lot of research before someone can convince me to try a new beauty product, specially if it’s coming from a brand I’m not familiar with. Even though I’m a beauty blogger, I don’t review products for the sake of freebies or for the sake of blogging because I always make it a point

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