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I always start my day with coffee because if I don’t, I’ll suffer from headache and won’t be as productive throughout the day. Am I a coffee addict? Lol. Aside from my morning coffee, I sometimes have another cup in the afternoon or evening, depending on my mood. Luckily, I can take coffee at anytime of the day without affecting my sleep at night.

Whenever tourists visit Cebu, they often ask us, Cebuanos to name must-visit restaurants in Cebu. Aside from restaurants serving lechon, I give emphasis on Cebu homegrown restaurants, which includes the newly opened cafe – Bicester Cafe located at Mahogany Place along Pope John Paul II Ave, Cebu City. It’s not your typical coffee shop as it serves brunch, coffee, pastries and cocktails! I’ve been to Bicester Cafe thrice already and I must say, it’s one of my favorite cafes here in Cebu! With that said, I decided to share with

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