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Sinulog festival is known to be the most popular festival in the Philippines. The annual cultural and religious festival is celebrated every 3rd Sunday of January. With this, Sinulog gives Cebuanos (and tourists as well) reason to continue celebrating even after welcoming the New Year. Aside from the fluvial procession and the street parade, there are also street parties and events held by different companies/brands in order to make the festival even more memorable. In case you’re planning to roam around the streets of Cebu City during Sinulog, be sure

I always end the year with a blog post highlighting favorite memories for the year or things I’m thankful for. Since 2018 is just few hours away, I believe it’s high time for me to publish this post. I created one last year and I decided to come up with another one this year. So, here I am sharing with you things I’m thankful for in 2017.

Even though we’re already halfway through the month of November, I decided to still share with you my October 2017 slash current favorites. I’m planning to have this segment on my vlog every month but for the meantime, I’ll do it here on my blog since I’m still looking for appropriate devices for my vlog because I’m not so satisfied with how my Fujifilm camera works when it comes to vlogging. 

If you’d ask me to name 3 things I can’t live without, coffee will definitely be one of them. I always start my day with a cup of coffee because if I don’t, I’ll have headache or I’ll feel lazy throughout the day. When Skinny Coffee Club contacted me to collaborate, I was quick to give it a yes since you get to enjoy coffee and burn fat at the same time. I’ve seen and heard lots of tea weight loss programs online but since I’m not a fan of

Last week, the bigger and better Healthy Options here in Cebu finally opened its doors to everyone. I may not be 100% health junkie but I always lean towards anything organic, natural and healthy when it comes to what I eat or drink. When I got an invite to collaborate with Healthy Options, I knew I had to accept it because it’s one of those brands that I truly patronize and believe in. 

When I started blogging, never did I expect that it will consume so much of my time and allow me to gain a new set of friends. I’ve been constantly blogging since 2013 up until the present and no doubt, there are days when I experience writer’s block, too lazy to write and days when it just takes me less than an hour to compose a blog post. Maintaining a blog needs patience and hard work.

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