Antica Osteria

Few weeks ago, my close friends and I had dinner at Antica Osteria. We were looking for a restaurant here in Cebu that we haven’t tried yet. Since most of us came from the office, it was more convenient to meet at a restaurant outside the mall so that you no longer have to worry and pay for the parking since our main purpose was just to have dinner. One of my friend suggested this Italian restaurant in Banilad. It is located at #1 Paseo Saturnino, Maria Luisa Road, Banilad.

Don’t we girls love to look good and fresh? I believe most us enjoy dressing up and applying make-up/cosmetics that go with our outfit for the day. During high school days, I’m the boyish type of girl. I prefer wearing loose shirts, jeans, plus sneakers and I never apply make-up unless during special occasions. When I reached college, I became a little bit girl-ish, but applying make-up was still not my thing. Things have changed since then. Now, I consider make-up as something necessary. I don’t leave the house without


Hello! I am currently confused as to which blogging tool to use for my blog – WordPress or Blogger! Since I am busy with work in the morning until late afternoon, I don’t get much time to explore both WordPress and Blogger. Things that lead to my confusion? –  Wanting to customize existing templates to give it a personalized touch without having to pay 😀 , wanting to apply my IT knowledge (customizing the HTML/JavaScript/CSS scripts/codes). For the meantime, I will be posting new stuff in my Blogger site since

Nowadays, people want to try new things and keep up with what’s in. If you’re in Cebu, you will notice that lately, there are a lot of new restaurants, coffee shops, places to chill. If you are looking for a place where you can hang out with your family/friends in this hot summer weather,  you can visit CMYK Dessert House. CMYK stands for Chocolates Make You Kiss. Isn’t it sweet? 🙂 The place is cozy, cool and relaxing, despite the hot weather. I’m sure you will agree after seeing some

As mentioned in my previous post that day 2 will follow, so here it is! This is such a late post, but it’s always better late than never! On our second day at the beach, we swam under the heat of the sun. I was not able to take much photos though because we were more focused on swimming than posing under the sun for some photos. As for the beach view, I promise to take more shots on our next visit! 🙂 For lunch, we had dim sum at

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