New Chapter

Suuuuper late post! Celebrated my birthday on a Sinulog weekend! January 14, Saturday. For those who do not know what Sinulog is, it’s a feast day here in Cebu last January 15,2012. Kindly visit this site to know more! Anyway, had lunch with my beloved girl friends. Even though everyone were expecting the streets to be busy and some parts be closed due to the procession and some preparations for the big event on Sunday, they still made it for lunch. Love you girls! 🙂 It was nice for us

I Won’t Give Up

SICK LEAVE >.< For my 1 year and 7 months being a web developer, it’s the first time for me to be absent! hahaha  😀 congrats to me! Was suffering from headache almost the entire day. Normally, my trusted Alvedon paracetamol cures my headaches but this time, it didn’t. 🙁 So I had to try another alternative, which was coffeee (my fave). Then again, it still didn’t make me feel better. In the end, after having dinner, eating well (since normally I eat less during dinner), and ta da!… my

Hit the Lights

Weekend!!! As I’ve said on my first post, I will be posting about photography too.  I have taken some photos and since adding quotes to photos is somewhat common, I decided to add lyrics instead. Here are some of my works: The weather here in Cebu is still very unpredictable ever since the start of 2012. I guess it rained last night that’s why we had a sunny morning. And on our way to work and school, my brother and I saw this: “God never promise us a good life

Late Post! “New year, new life, new challenges, new opportunities…”  I got this line from Monsignor when we attended Sunday Mass yesterday. So it was a 2-in-1 mass – New Year’s Day Mass and Sunday Mass. Speaking of everything new, every year we are asked to wear something new so I wore… Lately the weather is really unpredictable, sunny in the morning then rainy during late afternoons or vice versa. So I decided to wear something that can adapt to the weather. Instead of plain white top, you could also

2011 has been an amazing year. Went through a LOT of things which made me a better person and experiences that made me learn/realize new things in life. First of all I would like to thank God for His never ending guidance, my family for always being there to support me and my friends who are also there in good and bad times. Cheers to that! I’m sharing these Christmas-themed photos since the spirit of Christmas is still in the air :). Yehey! Finally found out how to upload photos

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