2nd to the Last

Last two days for 2011! *late post! I was composing this post while multitasking…and when I checked the time, it’s already 12.34 AM Dec 31 (facepalm)* Since there is no work, this means it’s time for me to get some things done. I have created a list of items to accomplish over the holidays and so far, I’m almost through! While organizing my files, I found some photos worth sharing. Beach photos on a December…for beach lovers 🙂 So here it goes: *just click on the image to have a

Fashion blogs are blogs that cover the fashion industry, clothing, and personal style. Photo blog is a form of photo sharing and publishing in the format of a blog. Starting 2012, I’ma blog about my personal style, where to shop, share photos of my style icons, and some fashion tips. I’m also going to share photos about anything that amazes me or just any random thought that crosses my mind that I feel worth sharing. As for now, hoping everyone is enjoying their holidays and getting ready for the new

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