I always start my day with coffee because if I don’t, I’ll suffer from headache and won’t be as productive throughout the day. Am I a coffee addict? Lol. Aside from my morning coffee, I sometimes have another cup in the afternoon or evening, depending on my mood. Luckily, I can take coffee at anytime of the day without affecting my sleep at night.

Frills and Plaid

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Frills  Frills and ruffles were all out in full force during Spring of 2017. As we transition to fall, I’m not ready to let the ruffles trend go just yet. Who doesn’t love them? They instantly add a bit of drama to classic pieces and some feminine touch to masculine pieces.

If you’d ask me to name 3 things I can’t live without, coffee will definitely be one of them. I always start my day with a cup of coffee because if I don’t, I’ll have headache or I’ll feel lazy throughout the day. When Skinny Coffee Club contacted me to collaborate, I was quick to give it a yes since you get to enjoy coffee and burn fat at the same time. I’ve seen and heard lots of tea weight loss programs online but since I’m not a fan of

Last week, the bigger and better Healthy Options here in Cebu finally opened its doors to everyone. I may not be 100% health junkie but I always lean towards anything organic, natural and healthy when it comes to what I eat or drink. When I got an invite to collaborate with Healthy Options, I knew I had to accept it because it’s one of those brands that I truly patronize and believe in. 

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